Residential Make-Up Air System (RMAS)

Tightly sealed, energy efficient homes are great for conservation, but bring a new challenge to home builders – namely, finding a way to replenish the air exhausted by the kitchen vent hood. When the new IRC M1503.4 building code requiring make-up air (MUA) for range hoods in excess of 400 CFM was introduced, builders had few cost-effective compliance options – everything required re-engineering, special tools or methodologies that slowed productivity down.

Now, there’s a better solution: The Residential Make-up Air System (RMAS) (PATENTED US 9,263,214 B2) by CCB Innovations. This universal fresh air infiltration system takes the complications, worries and high costs out of meeting the IRC M1503.4 make-up air code compliance.

Our solution:

  • A Universal Make-up Air System that works with any brand of kitchen vent hood.
  • Air flow sensor is pre-mounted inside an exhaust system coupling for quick convenient installation.
  • Does not require cabinet dimension modifications or speciality trade contractors.
  • Works for new construction or retro-fit jobs.
  • Is made in the USA. RMAS’ universal design reduces builder costs, while improving air quality for the homeowner.
  • 5 year warranty

Everyone benefits. Find out more.