Negative Air Pressure – The Fast Facts
  • Negative air pressure is created when a high CFM kitchen ventilation system depletes the clean air supply inside a home.
  • Although an HVAC system can maintain a relatively stable air pressure balance inside the home; it is not calibrated to compensate for air lost when a kitchen exhaust is running.
  • Without a supply of replenishment or make-up air brought in from outside the home while the kitchen exhaust is running, the exhaust will create negative air pressure, and the potential for poor or even hazardous air quality in the house.
  • By creating a make-up air infiltration point, synchronized with the kitchen ventilation system, builders can remediate the negative air problem.
  • The Residential Make-up Air System is a universal fresh air solution, which can be installed in conjunction with any kitchen vent and allows fresh, healthy air to be brought into the home while the kitchen exhaust is in operation.
  • The RMAS, when properly installed, meets the new IRC M1503.4 building code requirements for residential makeup air.