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Developing Innovations for the Kitchen Ventilation Industry

Since July 2011, The Residential Make-Up Air System by CCB Innovations (US Patent 9, 263, 214 B2) has been successfully installed in thousands of newly constructed homes, remodels, and retro-fits to meet the ICC/IRC M1503.4 code requirement for makeup air. Our patented design and method of installation is widely accepted and praised by industry officials and home building professionals due to its high level of dependability and ease of installation.

Our system was created by listening to the needs of the home-building industry. And by doing this, we were able to develop and engineer a product that meets the needs and expectations of code officials, home builders, contractors, and homeowners. We have dedicated the time to working with industry leaders to make our system a safe and reliable way to bring fresh outside air into your home.

The Residential Make-Up Air System is built in the USA with the highest standards for performance and quality.