Residential MakeUp Air

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Residential Makeup Air System: Install Guides and Product Information

Residential Makeup Air System: Install Guides and Product Information
Engineered for the Trade Contractor
The Residential Makeup Air System (RMAS) by CCB Innovations (US PATENT 9,263,214 B2) has an airflow sensor already pre-mounted inside HVAC couplings commonly used in residential kitchen exhaust systems. This provides the install technicians and HVAC professionals a familiar and convenient solution that attaches to their existing ductwork.

And because the RMAS is mounted to commonly used HVAC components, the install technicians and HVAC contractors do not have to learn and comprehend an entirely new system to provide a solution for residential makeup air. This means saving both time and money for everyone on the jobsite.

Little or No Modification to Existing Cabinet Plans

The RMAS Switch Assembly is also a universal solution for the cabinet fabricator because it attaches to the ducting above the kitchen ventilation system without altering the rough-in specs for the vent hood. This is because the RMAS is an independent system and does not need to be installed with a specific ventilation hood to function. So anywhere a high CFM vent hood is being installed, our Residential Makeup Air System (RMAS) can be installed with it.


Reliable and Cost Effective

A key function to the Residential Makeup Air System (RMAS) is that it is airflow activated. This means that the fresh air damper will not open unless air is actually being exhausted from your home through your kitchen ventilation system. This makes the RMAS a reliable and predictable solution because there are no sensors or relays that can fail or read false positive due to electrical power surges, humidity, and/or barometric pressure changes. The RMAS is direct-wired between mechanical components, so troubleshooting the system is quick and easy. And by purchasing a complete Residential Make-up Air System (RMAS) under warranty through CCB Innovations, the builder and contractors will save time and money by working through a single point of contact, rather than purchasing multiple components from multiple manufacturers.


Jobsite Efficiency

By providing a packaged single-system solution to the industry, the Residential Makeup Air System(RMAS) can be installed by a single trade at the jobsite. This eliminates the need to task or schedule multiple contractors around one another to install a working makeup air system. By reducing scheduling and trade conflicts, the builder and contractors save both time and money.