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The PATENTED (US 9,263,214 B2) Residential Make-Up Air (MUA) System Switch Assembly by CCB Innovations is a universal solution to meet the IRC M1503.4 make up air code requirements.

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10″ Residential Make-up Air System (includes – 10″ switch assembly, 10″ motorized FRESH AIR damper, 24V plug-in power transformer)

PATENTED (US 9,263,214 B2)

The Residential Make-Up Air System (RMAS) by CCB Innovations is a universal solution to meet the IRC M1503.4 make up air code requirements. Our RMAS was designed and engineered to provide a reliable and effective solution to negative air pressure concerns resulting from the use of high CFM kitchen exhaust hoods, making it the product of choice for the home building industry.

  • Complete and Ready to Install – Contractors appreciate the time-saving benfit of not needing to measure and drill holes in the exhaust ducting for each installation
  • Universal Design – Can be used with any exhaust hood, eliminating the need to match the appropriate device with a specific range hood.  Side mount design easily fits into narrow chimney-style duct covers
  • Reliable and Consistent Operation – Airflow Switch does not “false trip” when vent hood is not in use
  • Simple and Repeatable Installation – Quick, clean and easy installation from jobsite to jobsite.  No time consuming measuring, calibrating, or assembly neccessary for proper fit and function
  • Reliable and Predictable – the RMAS can be combined with many standard residential HVAC components such as Duct Heaters, Booster Fans, and Fliter Boxes to offer versatile installation options to the contractor and additional comforts to the homeowner
  • 5 year warranty

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  • Height 12 inches
  • Width 12 inches
  • Depth 24 inches
  • Weight 10 lbs


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